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Mike, father of Steven: “I would like to let everyone know what a great job you are doing teaching my son Steven not mention what I see with the other students. Steven has come a long way on his confidence level. The instructors work great with all the students and have passion teaching martial arts to all students.”

Pete, father of Pedro: “Pedro loves coming to the classes. The classes, facilities, and instructors are awesome. It has really helped his self-confidence, manners, and also to reach for new goals in life, such as getting his black belt. Thank ya’ll for everything!”

Little Ninja Parent: I think that my favorite and most impressive thing that I’ve seen is the interaction between the instructor and his teaching assistants with the students. Their ability to instruct and discipline in a fun manner and without breaking the wonderful spirits of the children is remarkable. My son has memorized the days he is scheduled to come to class, and has never once said that he “has” to go, for him it has always been, “Do I get to go to class tonight?” Thank you! I expressed my gratitude in the improvements I noticed since enrolling my son in your program. He has always been a polite kid, but when his teacher notices and comments on his character, it makes me proud.

Family training at E.M.A.: We wanted to say “thank you,” for the positive environment and consistent structure you have here at E.M.A. Since moving here to Amarillo, we have had to deal with a lot of changes within our family, but most especially in the school and social environment of the kids. I don’t know what we would have done if we didn’t have you, plus all the great people we’re able to have the kids around at E.M.A. We just wanted you to know how truly blessed we feel to have you a part of our lives.